Neutralize electrosmog and earth radiation in the office or hotel!

The ToGo module is designed specifically for use in an office workstation - but can also be used in hotel rooms where the lamp wiring is integrated into the bed.

Additional information

Weight 0,75 kg
Size 15 × 4.2 × 4.2 cm

Compensate for stress caused by high-frequency fields such as DECT, WLAN, Bluetooth, etc., but also geopathic interference zones such as water veins, faults and intersections of the global grid systems on workstations in offices or in hotel rooms.

The BIOGETA® ToGo modules have the same frequency spectrum as the FM biofield formers. However, the ToGo modules are slightly smaller and have a shorter cable. This makes them easy to transport and plug into a free outlet either next to a hotel bed, or under a desk. Under a desk, the modules can also be plugged into a multiple socket - due to the direct effective circuit.

A ToGo module should not be seen as a one-room solution for home, because the house wiring usually supplies other rooms and the performance is therefore often insufficient. Please always choose a module in the right size for the house or apartment harmonization. To achieve the effect at an office workstation, the Biofeldformer must be plugged into the power strip either under the desk or on the desk. In this way, all cables are used in direct proximity to the body to balance the body.

An FM Biofeldformer ToGo effectively balances stresses caused by electrosmog and earth radiation and promotes the self-healing powers of your body.

Info text BIOGETA® modules:

In contrast to other systems, which work similarly, but only "reprogram" the organism, the FM Biofeldformer modules provide the frequencies of all geopathic stresses (water veins, faults, global grids), as well as the entire electrosmog (low frequency and high frequency) in both polarities in the room, so that the organism, in case of stress, can pull the disturbed or missing polarity out of the room and thus regulate it.

The basis is the active principle of bioresonance therapy.

In addition to the biophysical frequencies, many other harmonizing affirmations are integrated into the system and provide a harmonically balancing oscillation field. Also an interfering frequency to that of earth radiation - which is also the basis of the Bio-Wafers successfully used in practice for several years. Thus the FM Biofeldformer system is the only system known to us, which is able to neutralize - measurable (e.g. by a resonance test) - all geopathic interference zones in the house via the electric circuit and to balance the damaging effect of electrosmog, or at least to weaken it strongly.

Other systems working partly similarly balance the body on a disturbance zone, or virtually reprogram it so that it does not react to the disturbance. However, this cannot be measured, but must be believed. With the BIOGETA® system, even with a modern bioresonance device, not a single frequency value of a geopathic disturbance can be detected once the module has been installed - provided that the right size of the device has been chosen.

Those who can commute a bit will also notice that the Bovis level in the house increases significantly, the current suddenly turns right and the air ionization changes. Some customers speak of a pleasant tingling sensation going up their spine as soon as the system starts working. Others of suddenly fresher air in the rooms.

The use of the FM Biofeldformer module changes the ion ratio in the room air. For our well-being we need an increased negative ionization. Approximately in the ratio 1 plus to 4 minus. We often find such a ratio at brooks and lakes. That is why we feel very well there. Electrosmog and earth radiation change the ratio to our disadvantage. It is not uncommon to find an ion ratio of 1 minus to 4 plus in our home. So exactly the wrong way around. The positively charged ions then bind matter, among other things, which leads to increased fine dust as well as dust deposits. You can often see this when the sun shines through the window during the day and the dust particles dance in the air.

If the ionic ratio is changed by a BIOGETA® FM Biofeldformer module, not so much dust is bound anymore. For example, one customer reported that her air purifier with auto-detector switched on less and less often, and finally not at all, after an FM Biofeldformer Home module was put into operation. A very nice example of the functionality of BIOGETA® systems.

The BIOGETA® system creates a free space and has a harmonizing and balancing effect. In addition, a stable energy field is built up and the body is thus given the opportunity to regenerate and heal itself.

The BIOGETA® system works on four levels:

1. An frequency level
by interference cancellation of the high carrier frequency of earth radiation

2. AAt the regulatory level
by balancing the polarities in the important regulatory frequencies

3. AAt information level
through loving and healing affiramtions and promoting intentions

4. AAt bioenergetic level
by raising the basic energy and balancing negative Bovis values

Our guarantee:

So that you do not have to buy a pig in a poke, we grant a right of return of 3 months on the BIOGETA® modules instead of the legally regulated 4 weeks ! This gives you enough time to test the module and observe your body as it regains its strength and sleep problems improve steadily.

If you return the module within the 3 months, we will refund the full purchase price!

Do you have further questions about the BIOGETA® systems? Call us at 0800 5894781 (toll-free from all German networks) - or send us an email at and we will call you back promptly.

Important Notice:

The modules are supplied with a plug for self-installation. However, the plug does not connect the module to the circuit, but only provides a firm, constant hold directly on the circuit. The frequency information is thus modulated onto the 50Hz of the house current. Kind of like a radio station where an information frequency (the content) is modulated onto a carrier frequency so that we can hear it. This is called frequency modulation or FM for short.

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Therapist feedback:

4 x Biogate Phone for all smartphones & DECT

Hello Sebastian, 

here is a report from my naturopathic practice in Cologne( I had a family of 3 in treatment in the summer of 2017. The child slept badly, had nightmares and infections). All three also showed strong stress from electro-smog (both house electricity and WLAN and mobile radio). I conducted a complete building biology investigation in their family home as well as in the large office of the father of the family (other part of the city) in Cologne. The result was that there was an enormous exposure at home due to a cell phone mast only 50 m away with direct radiation on the parents' bedroom, children's room and living/dining area. Geological abnormalities (water veins, grid lines) were also clearly measurable. The father of the family was also exposed to relatively high levels of WLAN and DECT in the company office, as he spends 8-12 hours there. In addition to the treatment of the three family members in my practice by bioresonance and other methods, shielding measures were taken in the residential house against the radio radiation from the transmission tower and WLAN and DECT were consistently switched off when not in use. Some technical measures were also carried out on the house power system. Nevertheless, a residual exposure was clearly measurable, as the levels were very high. In addition, 2 Biogates (S and L) were therefore placed in the residential building and one Biogate L in the company office at a central location. With this I achieved an almost complete harmonization of the persons and most of the symptoms disappeared. In addition, in the case of the father of the family, no more stress from e-smog and geopathy can be detected by bioresonance! From my point of view, the Biogates work absolutely reliably and have convinced me!!! Thank you for your competent support in this case.

Klaus-Peter Zeyen

Alternative practitioner and building biology measurement technician (PSA), Cologne


Dear Mr. Krüger,

Thank you very much for sending us the "Bio Field Former" and the "Bio Wafer".

In the meantime, I have been using the "Biofeldformer" for about a week and feel very comfortable with it.

For several years I have been working and living in a high-rise building and gradually developed various health problems due to high exposure to electricity and radio waves (elevator motor, night storage heating and radio towers in the immediate vicinity).

In addition, there is a considerable geopathic stress which, due to the altitude of my apartment and my naturopathic practice, has a much stronger effect than on the lower floors.

For the current interference suppression, I previously needed 4 devices from another provider to be able to be in the house at all.

Due to the multiple stresses in my home and practice, I developed extremely high blood pressure, which was virtually untreatable with both naturopathic and conventional medications.

I could only mitigate the geopathic disturbances somewhat, but unfortunately not eliminate them, since the devices for current interference suppression and the measures against the geopathic stresses interfered with each other or, in some cases, completely cancelled out the effect of the devices.

Since things were getting so difficult in my living and working situation, and my health was only slightly improving with the measures I was taking, I was increasingly thinking about moving to another house.

In the process, I continued to look for ways to clear interference, also to be able to help my patients who were struggling with similar problems to my own.

When I found your website, I got new hope that I could still find a way to stay in the high-rise building, despite the many stresses and strains of my living and working situation.

As an alternative practitioner, I was able to test the positive effect of the "Biofeldformer" for myself in advance and noticed an improvement in my health situation relatively quickly after the device was put into operation.

I felt relaxed and calm, like I hadn't in a long time.

Meanwhile, my sleep quality is very good again. I sleep deeply and wake up refreshed.

My allergic tendency is clearly receding and my blood pressure values are now almost within the normal range.

After a few days I experienced a slight healing reaction of my skin, as my body is now more able to excrete toxins....

This initial reaction, which is already known to me from the treatment with homeopathy, however, also receded relatively quickly.

In addition, I began to use a homeopathic remedy to drain the radiation stored in the body and now I also use the water energetically processed with the "Bio-Wafer".

I am sure that with your inventions you will be able to help many people in the future to stabilize their health through a good quality of living and life and thus also create a basis to significantly increase the effect of naturopathic treatments.

All the best and warm regards to you and your family,

Simone shield

alternative practitioner, Pirmasens

Simone shield

alternative practitioner, Pirmasens

Customer feedback:

Hello Mr. Krüger,

we bought a Biogate FM Biofeldformer L on 03.06.2018. We are very satisfied and would like to buy a second device for my sister. KI can no longer measure stress with bioresonance. Am the owner of a Rayonex device PS 10.


Sandi Hesse


Iris Nauer


Hello Mr. Krüger,

since the harmonization all family members sleep deeper, calmer, better and feel much more relaxed and rested. .... husband and my girlfriend's son did not know about the installation of the Biogate module and both noticed the change and expressed it without being asked. Super!!!!

Thank you very much and best regards from Cologne,

Iris Nauer


Iris Nauer


Dear Mr. Krüger,

I would like to finally thank you for your examination and advice on January 17 at our place in Marburg. We have moved the parents' bed as you recommended. My mother's health has slowly improved since then. Probably the weakened body first still had to cope with the changed energetic situation due to the Biogate module. In the meantime, her condition has stabilized and the deterioration seems to have stopped for the time being. She is both physically and mentally more active and overall more resilient; although still at a lower level than my father, but still much better than before. I have the feeling that the treatments with Schüssler salts and Bach flowers can now also have an effect on her. Before, they were possibly swallowed whole or in part by the black hole of intersecting water veins. We are very happy that she is now relatively well again and hope that it may remain so for quite a long time.

Thank you very much and many greetings,

Angelica Bogusch

Angelica Bogusch


Dear Mr. Krüger,

we are blasted 🙂

Thank you for sending us the device for interference suppression to get to know. Today we were at our alternative practitioner and all three of us had no more interference from electrosmog, electric fields or water veins. We had also taken the device to the bio-resonance analysis. When I came home, I noticed that I got headaches without the suppressor. Conversely, this was also the first tangible effect when they first went....

Thank you for the great invention!
Warm regards,

Eva Leonhardt

Eva Leonhardt

Hello Sebastian,

all test results of my alternative practitioner were congruent with those of your bioresonance analysis except for DECT. There, he was also able to determine an exposure. Otherwise I was really impressed what the device can detect. Unbelievable. He was also of the opinion that a successful bioresonance therapy can only be successful in the long run if the geopathic influences are neutralized at home by means of a waver. Anything else would not be successful. He could not detect the water vein anymore. So the waver works great. Thanks again!

Marie Wentzeck

Marie Wentzeck


Effect of BIOGETA® confirmed by bioresonance!

In the field of harmonization or the removal of earth radiation, there is now a countless range of devices, methods and utensils. Some of it works ... some partially, but many also not. No wonder that the "normal" person is usually rather skeptical about the whole thing. In the blog post "Can you remove earth radiation?"I have briefly described the common basic methods, so I will not go into detail about each method here. If one leaves the esoteric thought once away and takes the whole topic "neutralizing water veins or earth rays" once scientifically, one does not get around it to consider the whole primarily in the form of different frequency spectra.

What is a frequency?

The term frequency basically only describes the number of passes of a wave - ideally as a sine wave - per second. The unit of measurement for this is hertz. A frequency of 100 hertz therefore has 100 passes per second.

Everything is vibration

Scientists and esotericists agree on one thing, and that is that everything in this "physical" reality is basically vibration. If one "zooms" with an electron microscope into a human body, one finds quite simply expressed an atomic nucleus around which electrons whiz. And this with a distance, which is approximately as large as if one would throw a one cent piece into the Cologne cathedral. If one would suck off the "empty" areas in all atoms of the human body, so that electron and atomic nucleus touch each other quasi as matter, we would be on the average approx. 0.2 mm large. Say we consist of nothing to the very largest part!

Max Planck has described it so "matter is condensed vibration". Whereby this is also not the truth, because if one looks still deeper, we come to the quants or strings which change their state from oscillation into particle and back into oscillation. And this in dependence on the observer (The double-slit experiment).

If we have understood this once rudimentarily, it is absolutely logical to recognize that every form of matter is basically pure vibration and possesses a corresponding - quite own - vibration frequency. Exactly in the same way every organ has a certain frequency and also every geological disturbance zone, to draw the bow again to the main topic of this article.

The bioresonance

In bioresonance, exactly these known frequency values are used to the extent that an innumerable amount of known frequencies or basic frequency values are compared with the individual organs or - to stay with this example - with a sleeping place to be checked. For this purpose, a modern bioresonance device generates through a sophisticated dipole antenna technique, all frequency values in the device, to which a detector mat on a sleeping place - or corresponding body electrodes is connected. If there is a match on both sides - i.e. a resonance - we know for sure if the sleeping place is polluted by a water vein, for example, or if a certain organ(system) has a disbalance. The whole thing is now expressed very simply.

At this point it is important to understand that with the help of a bioresonance device, all geopathic disturbances such as water veins, faults and global grids (Hartmann grid, Curry grid or Benker grid), WITHOUT a dowsing rod, are 100% safe to locate and define. And this alone by the known physical frequency values. With it different results of different dowsers belong factually to the past - presupposed it a quasi building-biological standard asserts itself, whereby the whole topic from the range of the "Hokus-Pokus" into a rather scientific context would arrive. Personally, I would very much welcome this development.

The experimental setup

In the context of my training in bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the topic of geopathy has of course particularly occupied me. As a building biology measurement technician of the Paul Schmidt Academy, a portable bioresonance device (PS 10 from Rayonex) is part of the basic equipment, which has the already described advantage of quasi 100% diagnostic accuracy.

When I examine a sleeping place for interference zones with such a device, a highly conductive detector mat picks up the smallest vibrations and potential differences of the corresponding area and passes them on to an electrode. On the other hand, various frequency programs with frequency spectra consisting of many individual frequencies can be set on the device, all of which have a correspondence with the pattern of a certain interference zone, e.g. a water vein. With a tensor connected to the device, it is now possible to determine, without mentally going into the field, whether there is resonance - that is, whether the disturbance is present. Even if it is the same charge. If there is resonance, a quasi-natural magnetism is created and the tensor begins to vibrate. If there is no resonance, nothing happens and the place is free of disturbance.

The proof

In the field of bioresonance there are two methods of passive tensor inquiries. Passive means that you do not focus on a phenomenon as in radiesthesia, ask and then get an answer, but outside the field, just establish resonance. This costs no energy, you are not in the field and you cannot influence it yourself, even if you want to. The second passive method is to put yourself into the oscillating circuit and check whether you yourself are free of interference or are standing on an interference zone. In the disturbance-free state, the tensor vibrates in rotation - the body energy flows in a sine curve - if the body is disturbed, a linear movement takes place - the sine in the body is disturbed. Interestingly, this works the same for all people. Completely automatically. You don't have to concentrate on anything or believe in anything. Purely bioenergetic.

The aim of many methods of water vein decontamination or harmonization of earth rays is to harmonize the organism in such a way - i.e. to provide it with a spectrum of balancing frequencies - so that it no longer perceives the interference zone as such. In most cases, the goal is not to eliminate the interference zone. It is even the case that some building biologists insist that this is impossible, because an interference zone simply cannot be deleted, but only the body can be harmonized.

However, I am of the opinion that one can delete and thus physically eliminate any frequency by an appropriate interference, if one knows the frequency.

To conclude, if I precisely locate an interference zone, e.g. a water vein and a curry grid intersection under a sleeping place with the help of bioresonance, and then push a BIOGETA® bio-wafer into the field (often a distance of 1m to the interference zone is sufficient), the interference zone physically disappears and can no longer be recognized as such by the bioresonance device. None of the many frequency values of water veins, faults or global grids are then present. The device then physically recognizes this place as free of interference. Of course, the rotation test in the field then also shows a free rotation without geopathic interference. The same happens when I connect a BIOGETA® FM Biofeldformer system to the electric circuit. After installation, no geopathic interference zone is measurable in the whole house. I personally do not know of any other method of interference suppression that can do this!

Legal Notice:

Procedures and wellness products based on findings of the subtle level and radiesthesic experience are not recognized for lack of physical-scientific provability. Only doctors, alternative practitioners and other users who have dealt with this matter and use these procedures and products themselves share and confirm the positive experiences that countless people have had. However, no guarantee of success can be given. There is extensive literature (with further references) on the subtle dimension, which familiarizes with the basics of the matter and aspects of practical application.

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