Answers to frequently asked questions:

Since I spend a lot of my time in the car, I recently took a long drive and answered the most frequently asked questions in short videos for you:

What is the right module size
for my apartment / house?

Do the modules have a certain limited radius of action?

Can I use a small module for a larger house?

Do the FM biofield formers cause electrosmog? 

What is the right location for a FM Biofeldformer?

Should I put the FM Biofeldformer
under the bed?

Does a dowser still find a water vein at a FM Biofeldformer?

Does an FM Biofeldformer measurably shield electrosmog?

Does an FM Biofeldformer work when using a mains disconnector / mains isolator?

What to do if there are mixed or multiple circuits in the house?

What is the shelf life of an FM Biofeld former?

How do cats and other pets react to the FM Biofeldformer?

How can I support an FM Biofeldformer in its effect in the best possible way?

Do FM biofield shapers also protect against 5G exposure?

Do the FM Biofeldformers also affect the drinking water in the house?

I am moving to a larger apartment soon - what module size should I choose?

Can a (horse) stable be harmonized with an FM Biofeldformer?

Can I take an FM Biofeldformer with me to the office or on vacation?

Do an FM biofield former
and a bio-wafer?

How is an FM Biofeldformer compatible with systems from other suppliers?

Is an FM Biofeldformer compatible with gemstones for harmonization?

What is the difference between an FM Biofeldformer and a Duplex?

Can I use a smaller module for only one floor in a larger house?

Is an FM Biofeldformer compatible with a photovoltaic system on the roof?

Is an FM Biofeldformer worthwhile even with low earth radiation exposure?

Does an FM Biofeldformer work with solid / thick concrete walls?

Does an FM Biofieldformer also work on shielded walls?

Does an FM biofield former work with shielded lines?

Why does the ion ratio change due to an FM biofield former?

What is the difference between an FM Biofeldformer and other systems?

You don't have to believe it, but can measure it!

The only known possibility in building biology to reproducibly determine earth rays, such as water veins and faults, is done by means of a resonance test with a bio-resonance device. That is meanwhile building-biological standard - with which e.g. all PSA Baubiologen work. There are already several 100 of them!

In this process, frequency spectra are compared with each other and it is checked whether resonance occurs at the same frequency - i.e. whether an electron exchange takes place.

As soon as a FM Biofeldformer starts its work, all previously found disturbance zones will be measurable are compensated.

This is the reason why a large number of professional building biologists already work with the Biogate system - and it is recommended by many alternative practitioners and doctors.

Take a look at the videos below:

Test Biogate Home Biofield Shaper

Difference bio field former / bio wafer

Examples bio field former / bio wafer


At the frequency level
by interference cancellation of the high carrier frequency of earth radiation


At the level of regulation
by balancing the polarities in the important regulatory frequencies


An informational level
Through loving and healing affiramtions and nurturing intentions.


At the bioenergetic level
by raising the basic energy and balancing negative Bovis values