Nature's most powerful detoxifier - in a new form!

How to use a completely new and unique method to rid your body of heavy metals, environmental toxins, vaccine residues, pesticides and other toxins - directly addressing the root of many chronic diseases today!

ROOT Clean Slate

Clinoptilolite is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral, similar to quartz, and is considered the most powerful detoxifier known in nature and has the unique ability to naturally bind and remove many different toxins and chemicals from the environment. It acts as a molecular sieve, specific for heavy metals and toxins, virus particles, vaccine residues, and other toxins such as glyphosate, or depleted uranium. It has been used successfully for detoxification for many years, but in its solid form it has always had the disadvantage that it could not pass through cell membranes due to its size.

ROOT has developed a novel mechanism to break the natural honeycomb cage structure of clinoptilolite into much smaller fragments that are now able to penetrate cell membranes and cross the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins and vaccine residues to be released and excreted from cells - as well as the brain. 

This is revolutionary and did not exist in this way before!

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CleanSlate is a solution of nanotized clinoptilolite fragments using a patent-pending process that has already seen incredible application success.

From autistic children who have been brought back by getting rid of vaccine residues to "incurable" autoimmune diseases that have disappeared into thin air after just a few weeks of taking CleanSlate, some of the stories of healing successes from taking CleanSlate are hard to believe.

But once you look a little deeper into the topic of "holistic health", it is absolutely logical, because all the toxins in our body lead to stress, lack of energy, defense reactions and inflammation.

This can be seen particularly well in the example of ubiquitous heavy metal pollution, especially mercury.

Mercury is basically a nerve poison and attacks the nerve endings, so people with mercury exposure are often also very susceptible to electrosensitivity, provide an optimal environment for borellia and often struggle with rheumatic pain. In addition, the body is under constant stress and consequently chronically over-acidified, which in turn leads to further problems. If we successfully eliminate the mercury together with all the other toxins, we have taken another very important step towards sustainable health.

For this reason, the topic of detoxification belongs for me - together with a good place to sleep in the first place, when it comes to the general well-being, sustainable health - and especially healing of disease.