Health through balanced nutrition!

In today's world, it has become almost impossible to eat a balanced diet.

Many fruits are harvested unripe, vegetables are often pulled up quickly and most of what comes on the table today has already been industrially processed, added preservatives and is bioenergetically quasi dead.

So how do we get all the important nutrients?

Very few people have the expertise and discipline to provide themselves with single vitamins, proteins and nutrients completely. Therefore, we have long been looking for a partner who helps us to feed us balanced. Without a lot of math and felt a thousand pots in the cupboard. And to give our body the necessary energy - so that everyday stresses can be better balanced.

Why FitLine?

The company PM international offers with its FitLine a product range that fits perfectly with our other products. With FitLine you give your body exactly what it needs to regain performance and above all - to stay that way. The ideal complement to the BIOGETA products to permanently build and maintain the energy system.

We ourselves take the FitLine products daily, after having tested a number of different products both personally by ingestion and bioenergetically with the help of bioresonance. POWER COCKTAIL in the morning and RESTORATE in the evening as a base.

We only noticed how good the FitLine products really are when we ran out. Suddenly the energy we were so used to was gone 😉 As a result, we registered directly as a distributor and decided to also make FitLine available to all our customers to actively recommend. Out of conviction!

We recommend ordering the products directly on the FitLine site via our link. There you will get access to the entire assortment, as well as much more information. To the FitLine Shop (" click).

The Power Cocktail contains everything you need for a good start to the day, and the Restorate concludes the day and offers your body everything for a good regeneration during the rest period. From that point of view, this combination forms the basic set for us. But everything else is also of high quality! If you have any questions or if you are interested in a distribution partnership with FitLine, please feel free to call us or send us an email.

How to order FitLine products (video tutorial):